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Ivan Bohun's brigade studies and preserves the ancient traditions of the Characteristics.

Ivan Bohun's Brigade studies and preserves the ancient traditions of the Characterists - spiritual warriors-Rahmans of the glorious Ukrainian past.

The attitude of the Characterists towards high spiritual strength and courage has always been based on a deep respect for the ancient Orthodox worldview and the calendar that the ancestors followed for thousands of years - the Circle of the Year calendar.

This year, we remember our old traditions and start new ones. On Sunday, March 26, the presentation of state awards, decorations of the Ministry of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief, and valuable gifts from the unit commander to the worthy soldiers of our brigade took place.

The memory of the fallen soldiers was honored with a minute of silence.

After the presentation of awards, the society at the festive table honored the tradition of our ancestors - Easter, which the Characterists celebrated on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox.

You can find out more about the traditions of Kharkivnyi in our newspaper.


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