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Військовий солдат

Soldiers of the Ivan Bohun brigade

The full-scale invasion of Muscovites into Ukraine showed that today many Ukrainians are ready, like our ancestors from the time of Ivan Bohun, selflessly and courageously to defend their own people, their native land, to bequeath their ancestors, the bright Ukrainian soul!
Among the thousands of dignitaries are the Bohun soldiers of the Ivan Bohun brigade.

In the battle with the enemy, these people demonstrated their courage and self-sacrifice.
The task of this edition is to show their spiritual indomitability, devotion to the homeland, and sincere determination - the main signs of free people!
It is precisely such actions that are affecting earthly society now!
The dignitaries presented here are only a small part of those who praise Ukraine!
Using their example, we try to show the best features of a modern Ukrainian warrior!

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