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About us

We are the First Ivan Bohun Special Forces Brigade, in which the best soldiers of Ukraine and the world serve.

Every day we put our best efforts into the victory of Ukraine!


Since March 2022, our brigade has been relentlessly fighting and inflicting crushing defeats on the occupiers.
Compelling battles are already on account of our fighters. On the website, you will be able to observe the development and formation of our brigade as an integral part of the history of Ukraine!

It is our generation's destiny to complete the work started by great Ukrainians several centuries ago.

Unfortunately, not all fighters of the 1st OBrSpP will be able to see the great victory of the Ukrainian people because they have already given their lives for the freedom of Ukraine.


Eternal glory and memory to the heroes of Ukraine!

Death to the Enemies! Glory to the Nation!


Телефон гарячої лінії:
+380 68 173 3298


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Image by Alexander Jawfox
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