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The enemy continues to violate international agreements

Today, russia used cluster bombs against the civilian population in the Kharkiv region, there were casualties.

A cluster bomb is a projectile that is dropped from the air or launched from the ground. Such a munition explodes in mid-air, releasing dozens and sometimes hundreds of smaller bombs capable of covering an area the size of several football fields.

It means that anyone in that area, including civilians, is at risk of death or injury. Sometimes such bombs do not explode immediately, allowing them to kill or maim people long after the conflict has ended.

We remind you that in 2008, an agreement was reached in Dublin at an international conference to ban the use of cluster bombs. Diplomats from more than 100 countries participating in the meeting agreed on a draft agreement designed to stop the current production of cluster bombs and remove this type of weapon from the arsenals.

According to the agreement, countries must destroy all stocks of cluster bombs within eight years.

Meanwhile, the current draft of the agreement allows for developing a future generation of more "humane" cluster bombs with a smaller radius of defeat and a self-destruct mechanism.


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