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The commander of one of the companies with the call sign "FOX"

He is educated and graduated from the prestigious Kyiv Agrarian University of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, where he also mastered military science in the military department. In civilian life, he worked as a manager at an enterprise. In the same way, he now fights well as a leader - clearly and according to a plan.

A full-scale war found FOX in the Kyiv region, where he was mobilized to the 1st OBr SpP named after Ivan Bohun to the position of platoon commander. As part of a separate special purpose battalion "Iron Wolves", he participated in the battles for the liberation of the Kherson region and defended the country in the Donetsk region near Krasna Gora. After that, he accepted the position of company commander and received another military rank - captain. A real modern officer must first of all be a leader.

Yes, precisely as a manager, because successful companies and enterprises become successful thanks to their leader-managers-motivators.

And they, for their part, work out and adjust the system in the management and functioning of their unit. The unit must work in such a way that in the absence of the leader, the system works. Let's build a modern Ukrainian army!

With the beginning of a full-scale war, they quickly moved away from shovel methods and techniques, but, at the moment, they have returned to many "clips" and "paper army".

Let's become managers, leaders, managers, and motivators, let's develop and learn, adopt the experience of the armies of other countries, then we will form a corps of truly progressive officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


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