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Andriy Malakhov, call sign "TUMAN" in our column - Let's defend Ukraine!

One of the most authoritative commanders. An example of true officer’s honor.

During the command of the battalion, he showed courage and heroism, leading his units on September 6-7, 2022, ensured that the personnel of the battalion successfully carried out offensive-assault actions against the positions of the russian invaders along the frontline: Shchurivka - Nova Husarivka - Bayrak and established full control over the specified settlements and approaches to them.

On September 8, 2022, a decision was made to develop a tactical success and continue offensive actions on the Balaklia-Savintsi front to cut off enemy units from the main forces and sever logistical supply links.

Battalion commander Captain Malakhov personally led the assault group, which successfully crossed the Siverskyi Donets River to the southwest of the village of Vilkhuvatka.

Vilkhuvatka was cleared of enemy forces, and control over the specified settlement was established, while the battle flag of the military unit of the marines of the northern fleet of the occupiers was captured.

After the assault group established itself on the approaches to Vilkhuvatka, the enemy pulled up reserves, which, having a significant numerical advantage, entered into battle with our unit.

However, thanks to the extraordinary heroism and self-sacrifice of Captain Malakhov, despite numerous enemy fire, he and the soldiers of the assault group continued their offensive operations, where the captain received a bullet wound in direct contact with the enemy, but inflicted significant irreversible losses on the enemy and forced the enemy to retreat.


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