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Wedding photo session in the trenches: a “Dyke Pole” battalion fighter got married on the front line

A new family was born in a separate "Dyke Pole" (Wild Fields) special forces battalion: serviceman Volodymyr with the call sign "Butterfly" got married right on the front line.

To marry a soldier, his bride Maria traveled 700 kilometers.

"Maria was very scared to go to her future husband, but true love is stronger than fear", - they say.

Photos from the front-line wedding were published by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the "Dyke Pole" battalion on Facebook.

And the press service of the battalion told the story of the newlyweds.

Volodymyr is a fighter of one of the units of the "Dyke Pole" battalion, which is part of a Separate Special Purpose Brigade named after Ivan Bohun.

"His comrades described him as a fearless fighter who evacuates the wounded under fire, takes an active part in assaults, and saves many fighters. He is very talented, brave and awarded the Order of Courage, III degree," said the "Dyke Pole" battalion

He joined the battalion back in April, and she has not seen his beloved since that moment. Volodymyr also celebrated his birthday at the positions.

The soldier's wife, Maria, works in an export company. She did not see her future husband for eight months, but she came to him to marry.

They wanted to meet, but Volodymyr could not leave the military unit as he had many responsibilities.

And one day, he called me and made an offer.

"Of course, I immediately agreed," said Maria.

Volodymyr wanted to share this holiday with his comrades in arms.

"We went through a lot together; my comrades needed to be by my side. They are my second family," says Volodymyr.

After the wedding, the fighter continues to serve in the battalion. And after the victory, the couple has one plan - "to live in their own house in the wonderful city of Zhytomyr under a peaceful sky."


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