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Serhii Vengersky, call sign "ZAKHAR", chief sergeant of the 518th special purpose battalion

Chief sergeant, motivator, and psychologist of the battalion.

"Zakhar", as he says: "By my position, I do not sit in a dugout and dig a trench, but this does not mean that I do not fight."

An active participant in the assaults of the “Dyke Pole” battalion, it was thanks to his participation in such battles that he gained authority among the personnel.

During the storming of the village of Ivanivka, Kherson region, he managed to evacuate the wounded under fire along a mined road. He took the wounded back to the yellow zone at incredible speed.

Under fire, he brought reinforcements, and after the assault, the soldiers said about "Zakhar": "If it weren't for Zakhar, we would have been finished."

In addition to the courage and bravery demonstrated during the combat operations, "Zakhar" knows how to support the fighters and help advise those who could not get the battle out of their heads. Furthermore, Zakhar fights for the sake of the future because he considers war an unnatural phenomenon that slows down the entire process of human development.


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