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Minus ten orcs and plus trophies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The story of how the fighters of the 516th battalion of the First Separate Special Purpose Brigade prevented the enemy from breaking through and gave a worthy rebuff.

At about 12 o'clock, "Lesnik" received information about the enemy's movement in the forest plantation from "Maestro" on the radio.

The enemy moved in the direction of the positions of our defense forces, and a shooting and machine-gun battle began with the overwhelming enemy forces.

"Leshiy" left for reinforcements, taking ten fighters with them. Fired from the “Mukha” grenade launcher, the tank started working in parallel.

"Maestro" was wounded in the arm, but remained in position and helped his comrades repel the enemy's attack.

In a fierce battle that lasted several hours, the enemy suffered significant losses and retreated.

The battle ended at dusk at approximately 4:30 p.m.

The next day, the guys decided to go to the place of yesterday's battlefield. The intelligence came out, and they saw more than ten orcs killed. Our soldiers took away documents (3 military tickets, 1 passport, summonses), one radio station, one machine gun (PKM), five automatic weapons systems, and ammunition.

Unfortunately, the "Lesnik" machine gunner received a lethal wound in this battle and died.


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