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Kyrylo Koptyukh, call sign "MECHANIC"

Kyrylo is a unit commander and aerial scout of a mortar battery. He and the air reconnaissance team are the eyes of the mortar squad. It is his job to provide the information, necessary to destroy the enemy.

In September, during the operation of de-occupation of the Kharkiv region, together with his brother in arms "Fox", they directed the fire operation of the mortar battery. In addition, under fire from enemy artillery, the boys provided our units with ammunition and means of communication. The work of an aerial scout is always unpredictable. Once coming under fire from a tank, despite risking his life, the "Mechanic" saved the drone and his life.

It is not uncommon to encounter enemy equipment in the sky, which "Mechanic" defeated more than once in drone duels and always returned his drone unharmed. During one of the combat missions of the mortar battery, the task was to cover our infantry. The threat was carried by enemy drones, flying to our fighters' observation points with drop grenades.

Then the "Mechanic" revealed his position to the enemy to divert attention. The enemy, swallowing the bait, threw a grenade at him from the drone. He survived, however, with injuries to both legs and arms.

Thanks to Kirill's decisive actions, the lives of his brothers were saved.


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