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Freshmen of the Bohun Lyceum took the Oath of a Lyceum Student.

The cadets of the Ivan Bohun Kyiv Military Lyceum solemnly took the Oath of a Lyceum Student. The first deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk, came to congratulate the lyceum cadets. "We are ready to devote our strength and skills in the name of Independence and Unity of Ukraine, selflessly serve and protect our country from any aggressor! We swear!" - the voices of the boys and girls resounded loudly and excitedly over the parade ground on this sunny October day. This year, the educational institution was joined by more than 300 lyceum students, including nearly thirty girls. The parents of about forty first-year students are currently performing combat missions in defense of Ukraine as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Eleven lyceum students are children of servicemen who died defending their homeland from the enemy. During a moment of silence, those present honored the memory of the fallen fighters for Ukraine.


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