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Denis Sidorov, call sign "SILVER", commander of the 3rd company of the 518th battalion

Always attentive and sensitive to service members. "I will follow the commander into fire and water," says a soldier of the 3rd company.

Despite being wounded, "Silver" always performs combat tasks. He even noticed the fragment that flew into his back only three days later because he was performing combat tasks at the time he was injured.

The liberation of the Kherson region began at the end of June when the "Dyke Pole" (Wild Fields) battalion entered the settlement of Ivanivka (Beryslav District, Kherson Region .).

On June 30, 2022, he and a reconnaissance group stormed the settlement of Ivanivka, during which 4 BMP-2 were captured. The reconnaissance group led by "Silver" was constantly under fire from the enemy.

The next day, with the soldiers of his company, he restrained the enemy's advance and later cleared this settlement.

During the battle, "Silver" realized that as soon as he called his callsign on the air, the shelling of the point where he was located immediately began. At this time, "Silver" showed himself as a real warrior.

Exposing himself to danger, the commander decided to concentrate fire on himself and called his call sign in the air, which allowed the combat group to be more effective. This task was completed successfully and with minimal losses.


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