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"Black Tulip" squad. Squad commander with the call sign "MAC" - 517th battalion "Poliska Sich"

"Mac" the squad commander of "Black tulip" Stuhna-P, a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, managed to destroy 13 units of enemy armored vehicles in 7 days of fighting. "We thought for a long time about how to call a squad, and the commander decided so. Where we lived, many flowers were growing on the porch, and among them, one tulip was black, and that's how we got our name," says the Stuhna operator.

The commander told his boys: "Powerful, motivated, brave, and energetic." The squad commander is one of the most experienced military personnel, provides training, and does his best to help everyone.

The "Black Tulip" squad began its combat journey from the Luhansk direction, showing a high score on destroying the enemy. Immediately upon arrival in Lyman, they received a combat position for work.

"Mac", as a commander, showed himself to be responsible, decisive, and courageous. Once, three enemy tanks fired at Ukrainian positions. A soldier from another unit was wounded nearby. Then "Mac" provided first aid and organized the evacuation of the wounded.

At the same time, starting in April, they started working with "Stuhna" and came under fire from enemy anti-aircraft guns. They searched for the necessary positions for a whole week, took aim, and from May 2, they began to destroy enemy equipment intensively.

In 7 days, 13 pieces of equipment were destroyed. On the 1st day - 3 armored personnel carriers and 1 tank; 2nd day - 1 armored personnel carrier, and 1 tank; on the third day - 3 tanks; on the 4th - 1 tank and 1 armored personnel carrier. On the last day, they managed to hit the two Tiger armored cars with one shot (!). Later, "Black Tulip" liquidated the "Ural" car with personnel.

Every fighter is valuable in the squad because being an anti-tank is not easy. The "Stuhna" squad must get into position undetected, moving heavy equipment weighing 104 kg, including 1 rocket (30 kg). However, there should be more than one rocket! The imperceptible movement of a heavy complex is a test of endurance for the entire squad. Then the adaptation to conditions and a lasting observation, which could take several days, and striking blows. Therefore, "Black Tulip" are masters of their craft: skillful, focused, strong, and enduring.


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