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War is about daily pain that is hard to understand

In the photo, sappers of the "Rock" support battalion before being put on a combat mission.

In the eyes of the fighters, there are echoes of sleepless nights, fatigue, memories of the past, tension and excitement before another dangerous combat sortie.

To this must be added focus and concentration on duty, aldehyde just one wrong hand will lead to fatal consequences.

Some try to suppress their excitement by lighting cigarettes one after another. Someone ponders what might happen and calmly accepts the inevitable.

The group commander tries to make sure that he was able to foresee all the expected dangers and spends every minute on another explanation of the combat mission.

Those in command of the radio communication operation are waiting with anxiety and hope at the headquarters. Each piece of information released on the air gives new reasons for excitement, and it is desirable to hear: "Everyone is out, everything is fine" - sounds on the air. All is well. Plus.


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