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What is the combat brotherhood of the tank crew?

It is mutual devotion, trust and mutual support between soldiers working together in the narrow space of a tank. This unique connection arises as a result of extremely difficult tests and a sense of responsibility for each other. Each crew member must fully trust their comrades and know that they will always have each other's back in battle.

The crew of the combat vehicle under the command of the experienced "Khorych" has invaluable experience in destroying the enemy on the wide terrain of our Motherland - this is the liberation of the Kharkiv Region, the battles in Bakhmut and Lyman. Films can be made about the trials they went through on their way to war, but for them, this is ordinary combat work. They miraculously managed to survive when the enemy tank shell, which was lying nearby, did not explode.

When their brother's needed help, they did it without hesitation, risking their own lives. Carrying out the order, they firmly held their positions under the heavy fire of the enemy, when their 40-ton machine shook like a "Zhiguli" from enemy artillery.

They sincerely hate the enemy, but deeply respect our infantry, which will always cover the combat vehicle from unexpected guests.

All of them overcome this "height" in the same way as always - as a team, in one bond, and with one goal.

And we all have one goal - together to Victory!


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