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Volodymyr Lavreniuk, call sign "Barney" commander of the 2nd company, battalion "Poliska Sich"

"Barney" is a soldier known in the battalion for brave deeds and decisions. Such actions became the reason for Volodymyr's high authority and accurate recognition among military personnel.

He began his military career as a platoon commander. Took part in battles in the hottest spots of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. His units, holding the defense, remained until the last in positions near Popasna, ensuring the withdrawal of their comrades to a safe zone 30 km away.

He received a concussion and a minor injury at the position near Midna Ruda. But despite this, he did not want to be delayed for treatment, and after two days, he expressed a desire to return to his soldiers.

"They follow him because he always thinks about personnel. He is only 24, but everyone listens to him without question!" - this is what those around him say about him. Under the fierce fire of the overwhelming enemy forces in settlement of Vesela Dolyna, near Bakhmut, he withdrew his personnel, which saved the lives of 80 comrades.

There, fighters from the "Wagner" PMC, having made their way through a sunflower field, captured the positions of Barney's company. However, Barney, under cover of night, successfully repelled his positions with the forces of the company. Barney was called to the battalion command post, and at that time, the enemy launched another attack on the company's position with significantly superior forces.

The command believed it would be impossible to recover personnel in such an environment. However, Barney was determined: "If I don't go to my people now, they will all die." Volodymyr immediately arrived at battle scenettle and took his comrades to a safe place, thereby saving their lives.

When talking about him, the brothers say: "If it weren't for Barney, we wouldn't be here anymore."


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