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Artem Khramov, call sign "Khram" (Temple), commander of the squad from the 518th separate battalion

One of the most professional fighters of the battalion, who always skilfully organizes work and responsibly performs combat tasks.

"Khram" served in the French Legion. When the war in Ukraine began, he came from abroad to defend his country.

He motivates and leads fighters, and performs any combat tasks. During the fighting in Bayrak, he received the task of covering with a machine gun.

Circumstances developed so that the "Khram" was given permission to leave the battlefield because of an explosion, and he received a concussion. Artem took the initiative and decided to continue the battle.

He spent another two days injured on the battlefield and then returned.

He proved himself to be an excellent organizer and executor, repeatedly performed tasks along the demarcation line, and successfully led his troops behind enemy lines.

He is an example of discipline and professionalism.


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