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Humanitarian aid to residents of de-occupied Kupyansk

The Bohun brigade, together with the communities of the Zhytomyr region, is continuing the initiative "One country. View from community to community".

Thanks to joint efforts, humanitarian aid was provided to the residents of the de-occupied Kupyansk, in the Kharkiv region.

Help was provided by the active residents of Romanivska Otg., special thanks to Yury Chumachenko, heads of districts, and residents of the Romanivska community.

More than 25 tons of products and things are necessary for residents, including potatoes and vegetables, cookies, sweets, preservation, medicine, and chemistry. The cargo also contained warm things, blankets, clothes, children's toys, and other things.

Special thanks to the fighter of the "Wild Field" battalion - Ostap, who cooperated with the residents was established, and work was organized. Thank you for doing your best to help our people.

Unity is our strength!


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